Bugoma Jungle Lodge

Bugoma Jungle Lodge

Bugoma Jungle Lodge is the first tourist accommodation open with the objective to provide hospitality services in Bugoma Forest Reserve. The lodge was open in 2018 as part of the conservation project with ACBF. It is set into a 30 acres private natural forest, where loop trails are available to guests and where the presence of primates, chimpanzees and Ugandan Mangabeys is regular.

Bugoma Jungle Lodge is a en eco-lodge and offers a number of tents, inbuilt in raised wooden deck cottages, with grass thatched roof and spacious verandah.

The lodge experience is the one of the tropical forest, with all sounds and spots of birds and primates.

  • The lodge is following the criteria of eco-lodges, with attention to use of local materials and local knowledge (it is a tented camp);
  • It uses of clean energy policy and environmental policies whereby, for example, plastic is replaced with glass and most of the materials are reutilized;
  • The lodge is set into a natural forest and re-invested in the environment by planting indigenous trees.
  • Bugoma Jungle Lodge is partner of Slow Food International and is under certification of TourCert.

For a brief video presentation of Bugoma Jungle Lodge, please watch our video: