Community walk

Community walk in Nyakafunjo or Kyamujogo

A guided community walk trail was developed and starts from Bugoma Jungle Lodge. This activity allows visitors to encounter closely the residents of the area of Nyakafunjo and Kyamujogo and to do also birding along the way. Following the local guide, visitors walk through the village trails and visit some of the homesteads, as they pass through the gardens (with the traditional crops like maize, coffee, banana). In this typically farming area, visitors will experience also activities like the local gin distillation and traditional beekeeping. One of the main schools in the area is Kisaaru Primary School where visitors can interact with teachers and students.

Tariff: USD 15 per person.

Note: ACBF is a no profit community based organisation. From the collection, 5$ per entry goes to community projects by ACBF