Uganda Mangabey trekking

Uganda Mangabey trekking

Uganda Mangabeys trekking and nature walk to Bugoma forest are arranged at 8 am and at 2 pm. The meeting point is Bugoma Jungle Lodge where the Tour guides of ACBF do the briefing and explain the rules for the trekking.

During the experience, visitors will see types of vegetation, plants species and learn about vegetation’s behaviors in a tropical forest. According to the season visitors might see various types of butterflies, insects, birds like Black and White Casqued Hornbill, Blackbilled Turaco and the Olive Sunbird.

The main attraction is the encounter with the primates, especially the Uganda mangabeys (Lophocebus Ugandae), which are an endemic primate unique to this forest. Their appearance and typical calls are one of the most unique experiences of Uganda. You might also see the red tailed monkeys and black and white colobus which are a quite common spot. Being Bugoma Forest a Chimpanzee sanctuary, visitors might also spot and hear the calls of chimpanzees.

Tariff: Foreign Not Resident Per Person: USD 40 Adult & USD 30 Child – Foreign Residents / Citizens USD 20 Adult & USD 10 Child.

Note: ACBF is a no profit community based organisation. From the collection, 5$ per entry goes to community projects by ACBF.