Chimp T-Rap

Chimp T-Rap Rapid Action Patrol project

In March 2017 the project “Chimp T-Rap Patrol” was launched as an urgent response against the rising illegalities affecting Bugoma Forest. It was during the celebrations of the International Forest Day on 21st March 2017 that ACBF met the local communities in Mwera eco-tourist site of Bugoma forest and the project was launched and the war against illegal logging in Bugoma was declared.

What are the objectives? 

This project offers a tangible solution to work for the protection of Bugoma Forest and the objectives are to reduce the illegalities affecting the reserve, especially illegal logging.

Why the Chimp T-Rap Patrol 

The idea was born out of the urgency to act against the rampant illegalities affecting Bugoma Forest Reserve, especially : activities of illegal logging carried out by organized crime in connivence with various institutions ; illegal charcoal burning ; illegal hunting with the use of hunting dogs and traps in this reserve which is a chimpanzees habitat; illegal grazing in the reserve with setting of fire to open grassland sites; encroachment of forest land for agriculture and land grabbing.

The institutional body mandated to protect the Reserve (the National Forestry Authority) does not have sufficient work force to carry out the tasks and partnership with private organizations is much needed, if the reserve has to be conserved. ACBF considered this project a very critical one, which allowed our Association to keep monitoring and understanding the level of the conservation from the ground.

The area of the project

The whole of Bugoma Forest Reserve is potentially an area under the project. However, due to limitations of means and the extension of the reserve itself (41,000 hectares divided into six different sectors), our area of operations targets the sectors of Nkwaki North, Nkwaki South, Rwempunu.

How this project works 

A team of civilians and armed officers is enrolled to carry out frequent patrolling missions inside Bugoma Reserve for monitoring purposes and acting as law enforcers. A network of intelligence informers is established covering various zones neighbouring the reserve, which enables the team to address emergencies and priorities of operations. Once any mission results into arresting of suspects, impounding of timber or other items, all the legalities are duly followed in cooperation with Police and the authorities.


After 3 years of operations, the Chimp T-RAP Patrol project was able to produce tremendous results in curbing illegalities, especially by reducing illegal logging operations by a great percentage compared to 2017. However, it is unfortunate that during the pandemics of coronaviruses of 2020 / 2021 much of the efforts were lost, with a dramating resurgence of illegal logging and with the deforestation of part of the reserve for the sugar cane development by Hoima Sugar, which alone caused increase in illegalities in all areas of the forest reserve. Although the encroachment of the reserve by Hoima Sugar created unprecedented damage to the conservation of Bugoma Forest, ACBF still believes that the Chimp T-RAP Patrol is needed in order to protect any remaining part of the forest reserve and to reestablish the rule of the law.

Why to donate to Chimp T-Rap Patrol 

There is the urgency to maintain the presence of the patrol project because the threats to the forest reserve are huge and always re-emerging. This project is entirely funded by individuals and private donors, which made it possible to keep the operations on all these years. Thank you for your support.