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Fighting against illegal logging

Despite the fact that very little is done to protect what remains of Bugoma Forest from deforestation and illegal logging. ACBF still has joint operational patrols with National Forestry Authority. We discovered that military attachment with NFA actually works only to protect the illegal business. On the 6th of April, a night patrol was able …

Meeting with Kikuube District leaders

On the 28th of March, the directors of Bugoma Jungle Lodge and members of ACBF helped a brief meeting with the Kikuube District leaders on ensuring security and protection of Bugoma Forest The leaders promised to work hand in hand with the investors to develop eco tourism and protection of investment. We call upon members …

ACBF celebrates International Forest Day

ACBF leaders, Chairman local councils of the 3 villages, tour guides and Bugoma Jungle Lodge celebrated international forest day-21st March 2024 in Bugoma. We planted new trees in 5 acres area … … thanked our new partner … … and enjoyed our chef’s celebratory cake