New wave of deforestation

For the last few months, the patrol team of ACBF has been very busy trying to stop illegal transportation of charcoal produced from Bugoma central Forest Reserve. We estimate an illegal business of at least 15 full trucks of charcoal each weekend.

Charcoal business alone in this moment contributes much to deforestation of Bugoma Forest.

These are the challenges we encountered:

1. Since the boundary report by the Ministry of Lands was made public in February and it gives no indication of where boundaries of Hoima Sugar are, it gave a go-ahead for new diverstating wave of deforestation and illegalities.

2. Security personnel attached to National Forestry Authority posts collaborate in escorting the charcoal trucks instead of impounding them.

ACBF is engaging National Forestry Authority and Kikuube District Authorities to find a suitable solutions to stop the new wave of deforestation of Bugoma Forest. #savebugomaforest

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